About us

Accidental Factory is an international news and entertainment startup that is supported by Journalists, Communication experts, SEO managers, Social Media Coordinators, and Analysts. Accidental Factory started with welcoming new team members in 2018! This allowed us to broaden our expertise and use our resources to help businesses and individuals grow their Instagram.

From the very beginning, we saw the huge growth potential Instagram could provide to our own project, Accidental Factory. Instagram is a very competitive social media platform thus, we had to start from scratch. Through the failures and successes of our many attempts, we reached our own growth goals and were even able to set higher ones. But why stop there? In our long journey to find the formula responsible for our own success, we saw that we were not the only ones trying to grow. We, therefore, decided to combine our increasing obsession of promoting and growing Instagram with our affinity to help others do the same. Our experience has helped many who now love our services and we are planning to help even more clients reach and surpass their own potential growth.