Can I use my Instagram during the promotion?

Yes, you can. You will still have access to your account and can check all your analytics. We want you to see the results every day, and you will!

Are the followers real?

Yes! We guarantee 100% organic real and targeted followers. That’s why we cannot provide instant followers like other websites who know in advance how many fake accounts they have created and intend to use to follow or like your posts. We provide a steady influx of real followers through targeted engagement and unparalleled management. Our job is to locate people who would have naturally followed you if they found your page on their own and as a result you will notice more comments and likes on your post.

Can I post during the promotion?

Yes, we recommend posting during the promotion for optimized growth, 3-7 times a week to see the best results.

Can I follow and unfollow people during the promotion?

We DONT recommend to follow or unfollow people during the promotion period, because it might interfere with our strategy and research.

Will you unfollow people that I personally followed?

No. We ONLY unfollow targeted accounts that we followed during your service and NEVER unfollow anyone that you personally followed.

If this safe for my Instagram account?

If you are not promoting adult content, discriminating posts or something that is against Instagrams rules, then you are safe with us.We work well within the rate limits set by Instagram, ensuring that we never exceed them and put your account at risk.

Once my service is over, will I lose my followers?

No. We only deliver 100% real and active followers who chose to follow you because they like your content. So unlike fake followers, they will not be removed by Instagram or by us because we do not control these accounts.

What do you need from me?

You will need to connect your account to our system using your Instagram username and password. Your account security is very important to us! The password is required to establish a connection with Instagram through our system. We use your login info to access the Instagram API, but we never actually log into your account. In order for us to connect your account to our targeting system, Instagram requires that you provide your username and password. Without this information, Instagram will not allow our system to connect and target new followers on your behalf.

Will my password be safe?

Make sure your Instagram account is connected to YOUR email and phone number. Therefore absolutely NO ONE can change your password without Instagram first alerting and asking you for permission. Furthermore, you can simply change your password at any time which will automatically block our system and Customer Success Manager from accessing your account. Lastly, we encrypt and keep safe all accounts connected to our system.

Does my account fit the promotion rules?

Your account has to be at least one month old, have 20+ posts, phone and email verified. As this helps to secure your account.

Why should I purchase from you guys?

We have more than 10 years of experience in our team. We specialize in Communications, PR, Journalism, SEO, and Internet Marketing. All this allows us to combine all the knowledge and work with many NGOs, Influencers, and Startups in different fields. We love to deliver quality work, otherwise, we would not do it.

What if I have a question?

Well, we happy you do! Please contact us via email: admin@accidentalfactory.com or through our form

For how long should I wait for a response?

We have our dedicated team members who are online 24/7, and if someone is not answering, please allow them to finish making coffee and come back to the computer! If there is no answer in 2 days, please contact us again, because probably there was an error in the system.

I just paid, what now?

As soon as your signup is complete, you will be assigned an account manager available 24/7 via email. Your account manager will contact you by sending a form which will allow us to better understand you and your goals. And then use that information to fine-tune your targeting parameters. Please allow up to 7 hours for your account manager to email you and be sure to check your spam/junk folders if you don’t hear from us