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Accidental Factory Introduction

Brand New Instagram Management Service

Accidental Factory is an international entertainment startup that is supported by Journalists, Communication Experts, SEO managers, Social Media Coordinators and Analysts. This year we started a new branch in Social Media Management!

About Us

A few things we’re here for

We focus on growth! We care about our client’s success and are highly motivated to to provide best service and support

We Save Your time

By offering management of your Instagram, we save your valuable time while you focus on content and we handle the promotion

Offer Good Quality

We know what we are doing. Therefore we craft the best possible strategy to grow your business and personal brand with real followers

Personal Support

There are no unanswered questions where we are from. We understand the importance of your Instagram growth and are here to help

Focus on your success

Our mission is to succeed together with our clients, because we work as a team to achieve the goal! We feel responsible for each and one of the accounts.



– 30 day growth –
– Grow Engagement –

– Basic Targeting –

– Follow/Unfollow –

– Like Posts –

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– 30 days growth –
– Increased Engagement –
– Niche Targeting –
– Follow/Unfollow –
– Like Posts –

– View Stories –

– Like Comments –

– Monthly Consultation –

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– 30 days growth –
– Increased Engagement –
– Advanced Targeting –
– Hashtag Research –
– Targeted Follow/Unfollow –
– Like Targeted Posts –
– View Stories –
– Like Comments –
– Comment Posts –
– Send Messages –
– View Stories –
– Monthly Consultation –

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:


“The whole team is extremely helpful. Any questions I have, they will answer. In a very short time I noticed very positive results and have grown my Instagram pass my own goals. I will defintely refer their service to others.

Allison Heidr



“The service was fast and reliable. Whenever I had a question or a problem, the team would fix it in almost no time. More importantly, I saw my immediate increase in engagement. “




“Starting from scratch as a startup was difficult. But I can’t tell you enough how much this service has helped. In one year they helped us reach an audience we didn’t believe was possible.”

Accidental Factory


We respect different clients, we do not judge by size, we offer quality service for everyone

Our Team

Most Diverse and International team ever

Astrid Contreras

Customer Success Manager

A helping hand in life and now for each and
one of our clients. Happy to help others reach their social media goals.

Alex Veremij

Founder & Entrepreneur

I am happy to be able to use my Internet
Marketing and Social Media Marketing knowledge to help others to reach their
goals and achieve independence in the online world.

Nicole Manzo

Instagram Expert & Influencer

Hi! I A little bit about myself? Sure! I make
Health, Fitness, Lifestyle videos, articles, posts that not only inspire
people, but also allow them accomplish their dreams.

Contact us

With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, Instagram can raise questions, we understand, ask away

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